A dedicated action map helps the child strengthening his/her strengths and work on weaknesses.

In this module we closely monitor the progress of an individual over a long duration and ensure that the appropriate paths as indicated by the assessments are necessary for their growth and success are followed. We set milestones and measure the outcomes along the way. It is a collaborative module involving our team of child psychology and behavioral experts, parents, teachers and the children and includes counseling sessions, learning enhancement activities, coaching, training and mentoring.

Understand- The inputs from AIM are used here to judge the strengths and weaknesses of a child. These are further validated through feedback from parents and teachers. The aim is to learn about the specific and current reality and what is the desired outcome in a specific timeframe

Explore- All the possibilities are discussed here which will lead to strengthening the strengths of the child and work on his/her weaknesses. It is worth discussing the various options available to the child which will help him/her to progress

Identify- The steps which will help in the growth of a particular child are narrowed down. At this stage it is important to identify how these steps will be taken and the kind of resources required. Henceforth, a proper plan is formulated

Act- The steps are followed in an organized and structured way in order to accomplish our goals and excel.

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