New Class: Guiding our children through transitions

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29th September 2017
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New Class: Guiding our children through transitions

“Change” is usually challenging for all age groups. For young children, this change is often experienced in form of getting promoted to one class from another. This transition can be tricky for a lot of children since it signifies change of classroom, change of environment, change of subjects and teachers (may be…) and even in some cases change in one’s batch mates.

These sublime uncertainties and challenges can easily impact a child’s self-confidence. As a school it is very important to acknowledge. Below mentioned are a few ideas/tips for parents and teachers to not only acknowledge this change but also to facilitate this transition for the students in a positive way.

For teachers:

  • It is always a good idea to begin your first day with various ice-breakers and name games. This will surely help in easing a lot of tension in students and bring forth a positive vibe in to the classroom.
  • Talk about yourself and also try a get to know your students a bit. This will help in building a positive rapport among you and your students. You can simply start this process by sharing your hobbies and asking theirs.
  • Another idea is to have an initiation ceremony in every class. It would be really wonderful if the senior students of every class plan an informal initiation ceremony for the new students. This initiation ceremony can have two components: the first one being an opportunity for the new students to reflect on their learning experiences and journey’s from their previous class. The second component then focusing on orientation by the senior students which should include sharing their experiences as well as opportunities that specific Grade can provide.

For Parents:

  • Take out some time and have a heart to heart dialogue with your child before the new academic semester begins. Remember, this dialogue is very important and can provide your child that much needed inspiration and positive thinking. The dialogue can revolve around how your child is feeling about the new class, are there any concerns or is something bothering your child? What are his/her goals for this new class etc.
  • Keep in constant touch with the class teacher. If your child has any discomforts, let that class teacher know.
  • Make it a point to have dialogue ones he/she comes back from school. Just asking “how was your day?”, can itself be so therapeutic for children.




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