Offbeat Careers- A positive trend

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29th September 2017
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Offbeat Careers- A positive trend

“Do what you love and love what you do”. We hear this quote from the mouth of many parents of today. But how many parents really mean it and allow their children the freedom to pursue what they like?

Today I happened to meet one such distraught parent in a social gathering. I met her for the first time in my life but she was so troubled that she poured out her heart to a total stranger. Her son who is a CA and an MBA by profession, suddenly decided to become a mountaineer! Without any previous experience or formal training he has already made it to the base camp of Mt Everest and the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro. Apart from being concerned for his safety, her main worry in life is that the son is not following the set protocol of life. She would have loved to see the son slogging himself in a job which he doesn’t love.

Like her, there are many parents who still cannot accept their children following the offbeat careers. Their insecurity and fear overpowers their faith and love for their children. The ultimate goal of each parent is to see their child happy. But if the child finds her happiness in something out of league, the parents don’t seem to be very comfortable with it.

There is a wide range of unconventional careers which one can choose. From being a dance therapist, a wine taster or even a mobile application developer, people choose according to their interest. One can also go for marine and oceanography or wildlife conservation. Pet grooming, surfing or blogging are some other options as well.

When one does something with passion and puts in all efforts and hard work into it, one is surely going to succeed in it. There is formal training in every field nowadays. If interested, one should do proper research and get in touch with the right people who could guide and support.

Though becoming a story teller or a musician may seem more of a hobby than vocation, but one has to find a balance between passion and profession to succeed. It is a process of self discovery through which one is able to stretch their creative boundaries to pursue something which they genuinely love doing.

What the world needs today is proper career counseling in these fields so that children are not left to discover on their own. But rather they have adequate information and help in order to excel in these offbeat career choices.

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