Exploring Your Potential is Our Priority

Intscale is an educational collaborative which helps parents and children work together to discover what is best for the child’s personal growth and well-being. We believe that “one size fits all” is an outdated policy and our entire approach is centred around personalisation and the specific needs, goals and interests of your child. Inspired by the research of leading psychologists Robert Sternberg, Howard Gardner and John Holland in the We at Intscale create a nurturing ecosystem to discover your child’s true gifts and find his/her unique path to growth and wellbeing.


Intscale aims to create a legacy of happier individuals who know their true self, excel at jobs they care about and do meaningful work that changes the world. At the heart of all our endeavors lies the desire to sustain and develop a happy society. In today’s day and age, the greatest change makers are those who are passionate about what they do and hence are able to do it will be believe that happiness is the fundamental precondition of a successful world. Happy individuals are those who are in touch with their authentic selves and aware of their own unique attributes.

Happiness and well being

At the heart of each of our endeavors is a commitment to the happiness, well being and overall growth of the child.


We truly believe that every child has a unique range of abilities and interests. We create roadmaps putting the child at the centre and focus on his needs.


Honesty and Integrity

We believe in practicing what we promise
to offer.


Test Instruments and Development plans are created after intensive research and extensive collaboration with parents and schools, following due process and diligence. We care about delivering quality to you.

Giving back to society

Intscale is a social venture. For us, a society that can evolve and grow is comprised of individuals who are passionate about their work, happy in what they are doing and hence successful in their chosen industries.

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